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    2. Hotline:+86 18520880457, +86 755 61808681 

      Home > Products > Paper Sheeter > KGJ High Speed Automatic Rotary-Blade Paper Sheeter
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      • Email : kinsda@kinsda.cn
      • Phone :  +86 755 61808681
      • Fax : +86 755 61808682
      • Address : No.18, High-tech Industry Park, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China
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      KGJ High Speed Automatic Rotary-Blade Paper Sheeter
      • KGJ High Speed Automatic Rotary-Blade Paper Sheeter
      • KGJ High Speed Automatic Rotary-Blade Paper Sheeter
      • KGJ High Speed Automatic Rotary-Blade Paper Sheeter
      • KGJ High Speed Automatic Rotary-Blade Paper Sheeter
      • KGJ High Speed Automatic Rotary-Blade Paper Sheeter
      • KGJ High Speed Automatic Rotary-Blade Paper Sheeter
      • KGJ High Speed Automatic Rotary-Blade Paper Sheeter
      • KGJ High Speed Automatic Rotary-Blade Paper Sheeter
        Product Description

      Development Process brief:

      With introduction of foreign advanced technology and processes, according to the feedback information from the users and the features of the roll paper sheeting industry, we developed GDJ series high speed Automatic Rotary-blade paper sheeting machine, this machine has many merits compared with similar products, with advanced development concept and perfect designed structure, it characterize by high degree automation, very stable performance, easy to operation, elegant product appearance. To guarantee the machine quality and service life, it adopts high electric components, such as brand SIMENSE, OMRON, YASKAWA, SCHEIDER. Also with lots of optimization and upgrading, like add the dual touch-screen displays, and upgrade the electric apparatus control system and computer programs, which allow the machine work more stably and accurately. It is a deal equipment for roll paper sheeting industry.

      Application :

      Applicable to a variety of reel of papers (Ivory board, Grey board, White board Coated board, Kraft paper etc.) Widely used in all kinds of paper mills, printing house, carton packaging plant, paper distributor, paper processing.

      Main tech specification:




      Cutting blade width



      Roller width



      Max. Unwinding Width



      Sheet Length Range



      Max. Speed



      Max. Unwinding Dia



      Paper Thickness

      50~550 g/m2

      50~550 g/m2

      Cut-off Accuracy

      ±0.3 mm

      ±0.3 mm

      Pile Height



      Total power



      Total weight






      Electrical components configuration list:

      Description                                          Model                            Brand from

      1.    Magnetic valve                                                                Taiwan

      2.    Motor                                        2.2kw                            Taiwan

      3.    Pneumatic-current converter      SJDH                         Japan/Italy

      4.    Servo motor                             SMGD11KW                      Taiwan

      5.    Servo drivers                            SMGH 11KW                     Taiwan

      6.    Variable frequency motor             7.5kw                         Shanghai

      7.    3-phase motor                             1.5kw                         Shanghai

      8.    3-phase motor                             0.55kw                        Shanghai

      9.    Encoder                                      2500RP                          Japan

      10. Frequency converter                    1000-7.5kw                      Japan

      11. Frequency converter                    1000-1.5kw                      Japan

      12. Resistance                                      1500w                       Shanghai

      13. Transformer                                     20KVA                    Guangdong

      14. Human-computer interface                7 inch                       Taiwan

      15. CMOD                                          EM 22 6 S700-2 00         Germany

      16. CMOD                                              EM 232                    Germany

      17. CMOD                                               EM233                    Germany

      18. Low-voltage apparatus                                                      Taiwan

      19. Pneumatic components                                                     Taiwan

      20. Main bearings                                                                    Japan

      Main Unit:

      Hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand

      1.    Load-bearing type double position hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand, hydraulic system: move upward overall, move downward overall, move left overall, move right overall, clamp around the middle overall, loosen both sizes, 6 movements are done accurately

      Machine Main part

      1.    Machine wallboard are made of 45# steel, processed in advanced high- precision machining center.

      2.    Hob cutter body use high –grade alloy steel

      3.    Lower cutter are cast from high-strength material, with high intensity, stability and non-deformation in the long-term use

      4.    With trimming cutters

      5.    Correction mechanism takes the simple but efficient pneumatic locking mechanism, manual adjustment device.

      6.    Upper and lower cutters adopt special paper cutters made of high grade alloy steel.

      7.    The feeding part: upper roller use high-elasticity and wearable rubber, lower roller use high-strength seamless steel tube, the control device takes low-friction cylinder pneumatic control.

      8.    Paper anti-curve device: according to the curvature of the paper core, multi-angle adjust to ensure the paper flat and smooth.

      Conveying part

      1.   the conveying unit is consist of 2 parts : front part and latter part. The front conveying unit is synchronous control with the main machine; the latter conveying unit takes step-less frequency conversion timing, realize separate control or linkage control, can deliver the paper sheets in imbricate state.

      2.    Configure dedicated high-speed anti-scratch pressure rollers to ensure non-scratch on the surface of the paper during the high-speed operation.

      3.   Static elimination device avoid paper electrostatic problem which may affect the paper delivering and stacking.

      4.   Add the dust-removal and paper scrap dealing device to make the paper sheets clean and tidy, and in good condition for the later printing.

      Stacking unit.

      1.  Four sizes automatic positioning, left-right tiding device apply the high-frequency electric motor vibration, the front apply mechanical arm to flap tidy, the back baffle is adjustable, which can make the paper pile perfectly neat.

      2. Receiving station is consist of electric motor and deceleration mechanism. Cable reel takes the automatic wiring mechanism, to make     the wirerope neat and tidy.

      Electrical control part

      Siemens PLC control, human-computer interface control system, parameter setting, JOG pattern, counting function, emergency warning function. Counting down function, meter counting function, automatic put function etc.

      Comnon facility condition on site

      1.    Air compressor: 82psi(3KW 0.8PA)

      2.    Alternating current:  three phase four wire system 380V 50HZ

      3.    Wire cable:16mm2 (three phase type)

      4.    The ground load-bearing:1500kg/m2

      5.    Equipment operation environment temperature  5 to 40 degree centigrade

      Copyright ©2002- 2014 Shenzhen Kinsda Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.  All rights reserved
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